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Cypress Technology Group creates custom software and data-management applications. If your business has unqiue needs, please contact us to learn how Cypress can help your business or organization.

Corporate ExtraNets
We have developed a turn-key business solution for corporations of any size which seek to streamline internal communications and data management. Already there are dozens of national corporations employing this Cypress solution.

The Cypress platform is:

  • Internet-based for world-wide availability, usability and convenience.
  • Self-customizable with easy to modify features to better serve the client's individual business needs.
  • Secured using the latest internet standards for encryption to protect your propietary data and business information.

To learn more about this exciting business solution, please contact us.

Website Development

Whether you need a small “pamphlet” website for your small business, or a large e-commerce platform to generate revenues for your corporation, Cypress Technology Group can provides full service, end-to-end website development solutions.

We are proud to offer:

  • graphic design and layout services
  • custom site programming
  • e-commerce development
  • site security / password protection
  • frequent site updates
  • content copywriting assitance
  • fast, reliable hosting plans

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Hosting Services
Over 99.95%. That’s the percentage of time the servers in the Cypress Technology Data Center have been up and running over the last five years. At Cypress, we take pride in offering fast, reliable hosting services.

Whether you need website, extranet, e-commerce or email hosting, we have a hosting plan to fit your budget. Starting at only $14.99 / month, our hosting rates are among the most competitive in our industry. When combined with our other services (extranets or application development, for example) we can usually offer a discount on our already low hosting rates.

24/7/365 Coverage:
Despite our better-than-99% up time rate, we freely admit that even the finest IT hardware can experience hiccups from time to time. For this reason, we have a highly trained and skilled IT professional on-site or on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the rare instance of a server or network-related issue, we can diagnose and resolve any issue with no affect on our clients. More to the point: someone is always available should the need arise.

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Data Hygiene
Due to client requests, we are proud to offer highly specialized data hygiene services on any dataset. Specializing in record normalization, duplication removal and suppression, we can make your data jump through hoops to better serve your business needs.

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Data Warehousing
Most multi-level corporations and business models generate an unbelievable amount of invoicing data. Cypress Technology Group has developed several products and solutions to help large businesses manage their data and ultimately generate reports and find trends.

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Electronic Document Sharing
The Trading Partner Exchange Network was created by Cypress Technology Group as a tool for businesses of all sizes to streamline data management as well as electronic document exchanging.

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